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Introducing our Amish built 10-frame Hive Kit, specifically designed for the new beekeeper. Constructed with 3/4 commercial grade pine and double coated plastic foundation. With this kit, you are also getting a 5 Frame Nuc in the spring!

Pick your kit, paint the boxes and get it ready for the nucs!

Kit includes everything you will need to host your bee colony and produce honey:

  • Telescoping Cover (1)
  • Inner cover (1)
  • Medium Supers (2)
  • Medium frames with foundation (20)
  • Plastic queen excluder (1)
  • Deep bodies (2)
  • Deep frames with foundation (20)
  • Entrance reducer (1)
  • Screened or solid bottom board (1)

Orders placed before Thursdays are assembled Friday for Saturday pickup!

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Hive size

10 Frames, 8 Frames


Screened, Solid