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Learn everything you will need to start your backyard beekeeper hobby. For 12 hours we discuss equipment, management and caring of beehives. Upon completion you will be on track to enter the most amazing hobby you will ever find! This is an intensive program for ages 11 and up. A third date will be set during the course for hands on work on real hives. Total training includes 16 hours of class, book and meals. Limited to 20 students
Participation on this course provides you, in addition to the training and book; 1 hour on-site support to install your nucs into your hive equipment and free access to the members only discussion board where we answer questions and provide guidance through the year. You will also receive a $50 discount code to be applied to the purchase of a nuc, a kit or a combination of kit with bees.
Topics we will discuss:
Biology of the bees. Bee development. How a colony works. Bee roles.
Beekeeping equipment: Hives, tools, extraction and packing
Getting bees. Installing hives. Picking and preparing your location.
Beekeeping in our geographical location. Regulations. Weather patterns.
Annual management cycle. Seasonal management. Record keeping
Harvesting and extracting.
Pests and pest control.